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In an era where there's universal devotion to the comfort and convenience of oversized wear, we steadfastly remain connoisseurs of feminine style. When crafting our collections, we draw inspiration from the beauty and silhouettes of the female form. Hence, the brand 1STerica is a hymn to womanhood and its radiant allure.


Our garments are subtly sensual, embodying a minimalist approach to sexuality, with the brand's assortment catering to every whim of the modern young woman. 1STerica represents a functional foundation, an intriguing cut, and an original design. Moreover, all our pieces seamlessly complement each other, conjuring the ideal capsule wardrobe for you.


We exercise meticulous care in selecting materials and accessories for our creations, attending to their quality and relevance with diligence. It’s crucial to us that the items you choose continue to delight you long after your purchase.


Each model under the 1STerica brand is individually tailored, with every piece imbued with a fragment of our soul and our affection for women.


Opting for 1STerica, you acquire something paramount – confidence in your irresistible charm, boundless femininity, and a sense of your own uniqueness.